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Upgrade Your Slitter Rewinder with Newer Technology

The newest and the best technology is now in town. The RollRazor precision roll converting machine is taking the market with incredible feedback. Why not? This new technology is nothing but awesome. No need for you to wait for long hours with your old slitter that can just produce a little amount of production per hour. The change in technology for paper and other materials conversion has arrived. Let me give you the facts and discover how awesome it is.

RollRazor is now widely used in North America and Europe. Are you just going to let the competition be a few steps ahead of you? It is a roll cut-down machine that has been designed for at least 1-3 cuts per roll and made specifically for heavy production. This amazing machine will let you save a lot time.  Imagine just ¢13 per ton for the electricity charges to run it.

Compare it with how many tons you produce every day with your electricity cost. It will also give you the outstanding 72% lower than the typical labor cost with what you have now. Getting 99.99% runability for the produced rolls is awesome. All rolls are converted to 1st line quality. It can cut rolls up to 132 inches wide which is about 3400mm. There’s more because this device can cut as narrow as 10 inches wide or at least 254mm. It even cuts the lowest basis weight which is the 1-ply. You can already forget purchasing cores since RollRazor gives you the capability to take care of it. Increase your production by 300%.  It simply leaves the traditional slitter rewinder in the dust, and speaking of dust, it has a fully integrated chip and dust collection system to drastically minimize cleanup requirements during production.

You will never need to cram again beating those order deadlines. How many rewinders do you have in your plant? The good news about this incredible machine is that you can easily convert four rolls in an hour. It’s like getting 3 of those small time rewinders for the price of one. It works incredibly fast while ensuring the original mill wind. It makes an incredible cut within 3 minutes. No need to stick with just papers and films. This wonder engine can convert a lot of things including tissue, nonwovens, and even towel.  We’re not talking about standard industrial paper cutters here, this is a much larger machine designed for single pass cutting of large wound paper rolls or other types of rolls that weigh hundreds of pounds each!

Up to this date, nothing comes close to this new type of slitting machine design. As fantastic as it is, it will be a record-breaking addition to your plant and pay for itself over time with dramatic reductions in overhead and secondary costs. It has been tagged as the world’s fastest converting technology. It even has the quality of a hard earned Six Sigma. The precision of this machine is just incomparable. Its primary focus on top of all the great things it can do is to resize your rolls to be the best they can be.

How many competitors would you let ahead of you? As you read this right now, other companies may already be starting their low cost, efficient and high volume production with the help of RollRazor. Don’t let anyone claim the top spot.  With this device, it can allow any company soar to the number one spot in their niche due to the ramped up production time. It is what’s in and what’s in demand. Do the math and compute the profit turn over if you will be using the best in the market. Let’s roll!

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