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How often should you rejuvenate your home?

Before every Spring, your home should go through some rejuvenation with the help of a professional Kelowna contractor. At this time, we all try to get our home ready for the holiday season. We think of the seasonal decorations. When the New Year is knocking at our doors, we all feel the need to freshen up our homes. So, it’s the right time to rejuvenate your home. Kelowna house rejuvenation can help you with this.

The process of home rejuvenation can be invasive. You will need to remove your furnishings and do everything from the start, just like when you moved into the house for the first time. Home rejuvenation depends on your lifestyle and the Expert Kelowna contractors are here to guide you through the process. Still, here is a guideline to help you decide when to remodel your home.

Complete makeover

You should update your rooms every five to ten years. Style changes and the decisions you made five years ago may not seem to be right now. For example, five to ten years back people were not so much concerned about saving energy bills. But now they are. So, you can consider replacing your old windows with a more energy-efficient one. Repairing, replacing and cleaning are all part of home rejuvenation. You can replace or repair your furniture, floor coverings, etc. if they show signs of tear and wear. You can also replace them if you want a new style. You should do lawn maintenance work every season. You should rejuvenate your lawn if you see signs of thin grass, yellowing grass, insect infestation or bare spots. You can paint your home every 5 to 10 years depending on the condition of your painting and the type of painting you use. High-quality painting can last for more than 10 years.

Restyle your home

We often buy new pieces for our home. For example, while shopping you bought an artwork, and now you decide to put in the best place in your house. You may buy decorative accessories for your shelves, lamps, etc. You may like another piece of artwork one day, and you decide to replace the old one with the new one. So, the old one lies somewhere in your house. Things start to get stacked and take up space. If the volume of your clothes increases, you may think of buying a bigger wardrobe. You may have to buy another shelf to accommodate all the home accessories you have been stacking up. This can be part of your spring cleaning.

Give your home a refreshing room

This you should regularly do. You should change the bedding and pillows every week. You should replace the towels in your bathroom every day or every other day. You can change candles to match the season. You should clean up your room at least once every week. Dusting must be done every day.

If you follow this routine, you can have a healthy and fresh looking home every time. Your guests will appreciate the look of your home.