How To Choose The Best Windows For Your Home And The Glass Contractor To Install Them

house getting new windows installedThere are so many glass and window contractors around these days, each appearing to offer the same services. Which one to choose? Options are everywhere. From companies to the brand, name it and you will have it. Just don’t forget the essential part. You also need to take time to think about who will install those windows for you. Let me give you a guide so you can choose the right window and the right people.

  • The company

Choose a highly recommended and trusted glass installer – ideally a licensed glass repair and installation company when you are buying your windows. You have to be sure who manufactures it. Check if they have all the needed accreditations. Make sure that they don’t just sell but also install.

  • Price Comparison

You need to use your hard earned money wisely. Don’t just settle for one company and then buy the windows immediately. Make a comparison as we all know advertisements are as good as a lie these days. They show you a cheap price yet it is actually for a low quality window. Busted!

  • In Style

In choosing your perfect window make sure to put into consideration the house where you are installing it. There are wide array of choices and you have to choose in accordance with which part of the room you are placing it.

  • Material

Aside from the fact that it is essential to choose the design of your liking you have to give equal importance as well with the material that will be used. You don’t have to suffer of headache in the long run for the high maintenance materials if you choose poorly.

  • The Quality

Materials can cause a problem in the long run but that is not the thing that can give you a problem. Window frames and sashes should fit perfectly. You do not want to have windows that you can’t lock just after a few years right?  You also want to have thick enough glass to keep out the cold and retain the warmth of the home, so opt for good quality double or even triple pane windows, and consider nitrogen-filled as well.

 Ideally you want a company like Local Glass Works to do your window installations and glass repairs:

  • The Value

Windows are expensive already as it is. Since that is the truth, make sure you can save in the long run by getting windows that are bound to save you money. Take note of the U-Value, Solar Heat Gain and Design pressure when choosing your perfect window.

  • Certification

Window and glass companies will promise you a lot of things. It is up to you to have it proven. Never forget the certification. You want to see the true things people say about it right? Always be vigilant. Better sure than sorry.

  • Installer

Make sure that your windows will be installed properly. Ask your window company if they also do the installation. Some does not. If the installation was done badly you could end up buying yourself new sets of window in a few years’ time.

  • Warranty

Do not pay anything unless they have shown you all the certifications most especially the warranty. It’s a must. The installation should be covered as well.  Make sure you request for a written proof. If they refuse and just beat around the bush, they probably don’t have it. Do what you have to do and look for a better company. You always have a choice.

For glass repairs, installations, for both commercial and residential customers in Coquitlam or New Westminster (and throughout the Vancouver lower mainland), check out Local Glass Works – visit their website at or call Ryan Mitchell at 778-927-4527