How To Choose A Top Driving School

Getting your learners license is a great feelingAs a student or new driver who is looking for a driving school, you are faced with a range of options – there are many of them in the area but not all of them are as good as they claim to be. That is why it is important that you choose very carefully; you have to know the qualities that the best driving schools possess. As you make your choice, take the following into account:

•    The most important factor when it comes to choosing a great driving school is their safety record. You want to learn how to be a safe driver on the road but you also want to take safe driving lessons. Find out how many accidents the driving school has had in the past few years and how serious they were. Quite often you will find this kind of information online but you can also find out from the school itself.

•    You want to choose a driving school that heals students get their driver’s license after the first try of the ICBC road test. This means that they have to have top quality driving instructors who know and understand student’s needs – not all students learn in the same way but if driving lessons are tailored to their needs they are usually able to learn how to drive in a short time.

•    We have already mentioned that driving instructors should be excellent at their jobs but just to make it more clear, it matters how many years an instructor has been on the job – the longer the better. Ideally, you should be looking for a reputable driving school that has driving instructors who have more than 10 years experience on average.

•    The best driving schools have flexible schedules that allow students to learn at their own time. You should choose a driving school that allows you to learn when you are free. The best ones pick students up from home for their lessons and drop them off afterwards.

Here’s a quick video showing some additional tips to consider when choosing a good driving school for your child or yourself to get the best results in the shortest period of time:

•    Many people are not aware of this but there are some driving schools that require students to learn using their own cars. This is completely unnecessary because there are many schools that use their own cars for both the lessons and the test.

•    If there are several of you that want to learn how to drive at once, such as you and your classmates or several of your relatives there are driving schools in the area that offer group rates – ask for a discount if you will be learning how to drive along with several others.

•    It is always better to learn how to be a defensive driver – this means that you drive with a better mindset than other drivers on the road. Look for a school that offers defensive driving lessons.

Lastly, cost matters when it comes to choosing driving schools. Choose one that offers top quality lessons at an affordable price.  For residents in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada you can contact Learn And Drive Academy.  They are located in Port Coquitlam but serve the entire area such as Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, and so on.  Find out more at or find them on one of the maps below.