Answer: 1. Find a primary business to make money

A primary business is a company that can build you a solid lifelong residual income. It’s a company whose products you would buy, even if there was no business opportunity involved.

Choosing a good primary business is very important to your success online. Think about it: if you join some shady money making business, you could make some money in the short term. However, you could also lose your money in an instant if the owners disappear into the darkness and take your money.

2. Find a proven marketing system that promotes your primary business

Commit to working the system for at least one year. The reason for this commitment is that it takes time to succeed.

So many people fail because they quit! Don’t be that person who joins for a week or a month and then quits because they don’t see the results they expected. If you keep hopping and jumping around to the next best thing, you’ll keep losing money! Although it can easy to get distracted with all the offers and information you see, find a way to focus on your system. Keep in mind that it takes time and money to make money online.

Ask yourself: are you willing to do whatever it takes, and for as long as it takes to succeed? If you are, then you won’t even think fo quitting.

3. Fully setup your money making system

With a fully setup system, you get the maximum monetary rewards from promoting your system to others. This involves joining at the highest levels for any programs that the system promotes. A fully setup system makes the most efficient use of your time and effort. For example, for the same amount of effort and time, you could a) promote a system and earn $7, or
b) promote the same system and earn $107 + residual income if you are fully setup

Which one would you choose? It makes sense to be fully setup. There’s no need to “test the waters” and see how it works. With that kind of attitude and thinking, your results will be mediocre. You’ve got to jump in with both feet to maximize the money you make online.

4. Promote the system using the techniques they teach you

Proven systems will have advertising techniques that work. Follow in the footsteps of successful people if you want success. Think about it: let’s say a person makes $27k per month and took path A to get there. If you wanted to get to $27k per month, which path would you take? A – the travelled path or B – a path you carve yourself?

You don’t need to carve your own path or be a trail blazer. You don’t need to do your own thing to promote the system online.

5. Invest in yourself

Ever hear the phrase “Income rarely exceeds personal development”?

You can’t go wrong when you invest in yourself and develop yourself personally. If you want to make a lot of money online, you’ll have to constantly learn and improve yourself through education. You can learn through reading books, listening to audios, attending training calls, and watching videos. The world is constantly changing, and if you don’t learn and grow, you’ll actually decline. You can’t stay the same! For some great online audios and videos in areas such as personal development, leadership, sales, communication, finance, and motivation, visit Success University. This is a place where you can learn from the best in the industry. And you can get products that would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for less than $60 a month!

6. Do income producing activities daily

The key is to do these activities daily, so that you are consistent. You may not see the rewards immediately, but if you do it consistently and don’t quit, you will get to where you want to be. Even 10 minutes a day adds up over the course of a year. In fact, that adds up to over 60 hours in a year. Of course, if you want to get there faster, then put in more time each day. The people who make a lot of money online are simply doing more income producing activities than others.

Think about it: let’s say I advertise online by using Traffic Swarm for 10 minutes daily. You advertise online by surfing Traffic Swarm for 30 minutes daily, writing a blog post daily, making 5 forum posts daily, improving your PPC campaign 15 minutes daily, telling everyone you know about the system, and submitting articles weekly. Who is going to be more successful? It’s quite obvious 🙂

To keep focused on income producing activities, create a weekly schedule for yourself and slot in blocks of time to do various tasks. If it’s written down, you’re more likely to do it and stick to it.